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COVID-19 Practice Updates and Resources

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic certain new practices and services have been implemented at our consulting rooms.

During the pandemic it is important for all of us to try to minimise the spread of COVID -19 especially to those who are most vulnerable. At the same time it remains a priority to help chronically ill patients to maintain and improve their metabolic health, which requires regular follow up with healthcare practitioners.

With this in mind we have instituted the following :

  • Glass separator for front desk staff

  • Only one patient allowed in waiting area at a time. No accompanying persons allowed. All patients to wear masks. No mask, no entry. We kindly request that you try not to handle your smart phones after hand sanistising. All mobile phones to be switched off or silent mode BEFORE the consulatation.

  • Hand sanistiser at front door

  • Sanitising of equipment between patients

  • Dr Ruder will wear appropriate protective equipment for face to face consults requiring physical examination


Virtual consults have been implemented with great success and have been legalised by the Health Professionals Council of South Africa. These will be considered for select patients on Dr Ruder's discretion. Patients may have their blood tests done as they regularly do and a virtual consultation is booked through our front desk staff. A Zoom meeting link is emailed to the patient. Patients are afforded their full consult time, with a detailed history of symptoms and problems and discussion of results with a management plan. Blood glucose, blood pressure, pulse and weight data, if available, can be emailed prior to the consult. Scripts and management tools are emailed after the consult.

Should it be deemed necessary to pursue a physical examination, this can be done separately at no extra cost to the patient. This way contact time is minimised.

Feedback from patients on virtual consults has been positive, patients have benefited from maximising discussion time.

The Zoom platform permits teaching through shared slides and drawings and patients have greatly benefited from this.

Safety is our utmost concern, so where indicated or necessary we will recommend a face to face consult.

All private laboratories which are regularly used by our patients have assured us that all COVID 19 protocols are being followed at their depots. Patients are advised to wear masks when attending for blood tests and follow hand sanitising measures.

Most COVID 19 test facilities are separate from blood testing depots.

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Staying Active in Lockdown is possible

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