Turiya Endocrinology

"You are not the body, you are not the mind, you are not the intellect, you are the Self, find that and you have got everything!" - Swami A Parthasarathy 

Health is defined as the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; especially: freedom from physical disease or pain.

In modern times we find ourselves plagued by chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, thyroid disease, cancer, fatigue syndromes, obesity, hypertension and other hormonal abnormalities.

Poor metabolic health predisposes to acute and chronic preventable complications such as heart attacks and susceptibility to severe infections.

It has become imperative that humanity takes on a holistic approach to long term management of health and disease prevention. The very word health is derived from the word whole - our original nature is wholeness, peace and bliss. To achieve this one needs to treat the body, regulate the mind and develop the intellect to reach that state of bliss - called ‘Turiya' in sanskrit or a more commonly known term ‘Nirvana’.

Thus through pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and lifestyle management, the latter often being the most difficult to achieve, the science of the body is paired with the rehabilitation of the intellect for better health outcomes.

At our practice, we combine concrete evidence-based medical science with the abstract philosophy of the mind, thus giving you a holistic approach to improving well-being to fulfil your ideals in life.

Through appropriate, individualised medical tests and rigorous discussion in a teaching format our consultations offer an opportunity to gain a better understanding of your health and how to improve it.

This website serves as an information resource for common referrals, contact numbers and teaching material as well as links to interesting reading and a selection of lifestyle workshops that may be of value.

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